How Denturists Help

Get your smile back with the best denturists in Alberta

Losing adult teeth can feel unnerving. But with advanced technology and state-of-the-art training, your Alberta denturist can restore the look, feel, and function of your teeth.

If you’re struggling with a gap in your smile, find a denturist near you.

During an initial consultation, which is often free, your denturist will give you the professional guidance you need to decide what service is best for you.

How Alberta denturists can help you

Full dentures

Replace upper or lower (or both) sets of teeth with high-quality, well-fitting dentures that restore your natural smile.

Immediate dentures

Protect your smile with temporary dentures until your permanent dentures are created.

Removable partial dentures

Replace one or more missing teeth for a powerful, stable bite.

Implant retained dentures

Enjoy natural-feeling, well-anchored dentures that restore your natural smile and protect your bone and gum tissue.

Repairs, relines and rebases

Preserve the look, fit, and life of your dentures with professional repairs.

Routine check-ups and maintenance

Ensure the look, fit, and function of your dentures.

The soft liner alternative

Upgrade your dentures for increased comfort and a superior fit.

Athletic mouth guards

Safeguard your natural teeth with a comfortable, high-quality mouth guard.

Anti-snoring appliances

Improve your (and your partner’s) sleep quality with comfortable, specially designed anti-snoring devices.

You’re in good hands

To make sure you get excellent treatment, all denturists in Alberta undergo rigorous training and complete yearly registration requirements.



Candidates enroll in a three-year Denture Technology Program which includes a year-long internship. After these four years of training, denturists must challenge and pass the provincial licensure exams.



Once they’ve successfully passed their exam and obtained their official licence, denturists in Alberta must promptly register with the College of Alberta Denturists in order to legally practice in the province.



To maintain their license, denturists must continue their education and ensure they are up-to-date with the latest practices and technology. Alberta denturists must also carry Professional Liability Insurance (PLI).