Our Mission


  •  To PURSUE THE ADVANCEMENT of Denturism through education and communication amongst all members.
  •  To BE THE AUTHORITATIVE voice for all Denturists in Alberta.
  •  To BE A LIASION with external agencies.
  •  To ENCOURAGE EXCELLENCE in denture services to Albertans and all Canadians.
  •  To BE A PARTNER WITH ALL DENTURISTS across Canada and the World, giving advice and support whenever possible.
  •  To PROMOTE PROFESSIONAL UNITY and advancement of Denturism among all Albertans and Canadians.
  •  To REPRESENT THE INTEREST of all members of the Association to all levels of government and public.
  •  To ASSIST, ENCOURAGE  and facilitate standards of education and examination.
  •  To MAINTAIN AND PROMOTE standards of professional ethics in our Profession.
  •  To COORDINATE information that is valuable to members.
  •  To ASSIST MEMBERS to obtain fair legal advice whenever possible.
  •  To NEGOTIATE with all governmental and non-governmental agencies for the betterment of our members.
  •  To REVIEW and implement all members fees.
  •  To BE ACCOUNTABLE to all members in the working and operation of the Association.